At long last, here is a solution that completely automates your lockbox remittances into QuickBooks. You simply download or copy the lockbox remittance details from your bank onto your PC and LockBox2QB does the rest with a click of a button.

LockBox2QB reads the detail, matches the payments to the corresponding invoice in QuickBooks and automatically creates Receive Payments for each invoice payment received. If the remittance amount is different from the invoice in QuickBooks, it alerts you to that fact and lets you decide immediately how you want to account for the difference.

When multiple invoices are paid on the same remittance and one or more of those remittances could not be applied for some reason, you can tell LockBox2QB to apply as many as possible or reject the entire remittance. This makes it easier for you to handle any exceptions.

If a cash discount was taken by the customer, LockBox2QB checks the terms on the invoice and the number of days elapsed to ensure that the discount amount was correct. Non-qualifying or incorrect discounts are brought to your attention so you can make the decision to allow or deny each one.

After all remittances have been posted to QuickBooks, LockBox2QB provides a detailed report showing any remittances that could not be added to QB and why, allowing you to resolve the issue(s) with each and ensuring that all remittances are accounted for.

And LockBox2QB has complete flexibility. If your bank changes the layout of the remittance detail file they provide you, no problem. The Main Menu of LockBox2QB allows you to indicate where each of the important elements of the remittance is located in the file (the field layout), so you can simply update this to reflect the changes.

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