Sales Analyzer automatically retrieves your sales and lists data from QuickBooks and generates three side-by-side trended sales reports, allowing you to quickly and easily evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

The first report shows all active customers, when they were added to QuickBooks and their total sales for each year during the analysis period (up to a maximum of 10 years). The second report shows all active sales reps, when they were added to QuickBooks and their total yearly sales during the same period. And the third report shows all active products/services (items), when they were added to QuickBooks and their total yearly sales during the period. You can easily switch from one report to another by clicking its tab.

The date each customer, sales rep and/or item was added to QuickBooks is invaluable when assessing performance and longevity.

Each report can be sorted on the fly using the interactive sort arrows at the top of the name (customer, rep or item name) and date added to QuickBooks columns. By default, each report is sorted by name, but you can sort by the date added to QuickBooks to show the oldest and newest customers, reps and items in order.

You can also drill down to the item detail of any customer's or sales rep's sales by simply clicking on the name. The Item Detail report shows all items sold and has a button at the bottom which opens another report with all the items unsold. This tells you at a glance who is buying or selling what and what they are NOT buying or selling.

With Sales Analyzer you can quickly and easily determine:

  • the customers and sales reps you have been doing business with the longest and their performance over that period of time;

  • ​new customers and sales reps and their performance since coming aboard;

  • those customers and sales reps with consistent sales levels over the years;

  • which products or services your customers are buying and not buying and which products or services your sales reps are selling or not selling.​

Click on the button to the right to download our free 30 day trial version. And as a limited time introductory offer, you can purchase Sales Analyzer for just $399. At the same time, you may want to check out our fully illustrated User Guide (also to the right) with full instructions and screen shots.

Sales Analyzer

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